Fowsniff VulnHub CTF Walkthrough

So, before I start writing the steps taken to compromise the box, I honestly found the box very different than the usual and hence had to spend some time to crack this. Initial Recon:Portscan Results:A default TCP scan exposed the below service running I normally start testing the box on port 80. This includes directory…Read moreRead more

LazySysAdmin – VulnHub Walkthrough

Machine: LazySysAdmin Enumeration: Started CTF with the FULL PORT scan to find the open ports and services running using nmap. Command: nmap -Pn -p 0-65535 –open <target IP-address> I found that 6 ports are open and running some interesting services. To enumerate more I ran nmap with -sC, -sV options. Command: nmap -sC -sV -p…Read moreRead more

PyEXP – Vulnhub CTF Walkthrough

Enumeration: Started enumeration with FULL PORT scan to find the open ports and services using nmap. From the full scan result, I found that only two ports are open and running waste and mysql services. 1337 – Waste – OpenSSH service 3306 – mysql – MySQL service Now, I tried to find if any exploit…Read moreRead more